About Us

CWT FoodKraft is founded and run by Pushpa Jha. She is a Serial Entrepreneur,  Food Consultant, Recipe Creator For Food Brands, Food Innovator and Reinventor. She is successful food blogger and Youtuber running YouTube channel and Recipe Website. By qualification she is a Food Technologist and Microbiologist. She lives in Pune with her husband and two kids.

Founded in 2020 by Pushpa Jha, we have been committed to serving up delicious goodies to all of our customers for many years. CWT FoodKraft provides a delightful artisan food experience by inspiring a culture of pride and satisfaction in our work. Our team of professionals create top quality, imaginative and delicious traditional treats, and make sure to respond positively to the needs of the community. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something to bring home and share, we’ve got just the thing for you.

We believe in the value of homemade, crafted, quality traditional goods. Not only do they warm the home, but our products will definitely warm the heart. Our favorite time of day is when our first batch comes out of the oven early in the morning, and the fresh smell fills the entire street.
We value locally grown, fresh ingredients made into traditional recipes that taste amazing. We like to keep it simple and emphasize taste over flash. Come check out what we’ve got prepared for you today. Your tummy will be happy and we know you will too.

Women Run Enterprise

Our Vision

  • Our Vision is to bring age old traditional Indian artisan food items to consumers in its purest form. 

  • ​No Industrial Methods, No Chemicals and No Sugar, 

Our Mission

  • To bring hope and inspire hearts of millions of Indian women entrepreneurs.

What Makes Us Different

We at CWT FoodKraft believe in bringing products in artisan like non industrial way. We work with women entrepreneurs across the country to create and deliver highest quality artisan food. Being a women run enterprise we understand the value of quality and taste and we are passionate about keeping it up.